About Us

Our History

TOEFL Tutors was founded by an educator with a master’s degree in educational administration named Eric Boshnyak.  It was recently acquired by MyGuru – a boutique provider of 1-1 tutoring and test prep for high school students and above.  Our goal at TOEFL Tutors is to build a resource and network of partners to help you excel on the TOEFL.

Our Offer

Our partners have been tutoring or teaching the TOEFL for decades or have helped design unique study tools and resources to give you an edge.  We are compiling a team of experts to help students succeed.  We strive to work with only the best test prep materials, tutors, and teachers.

Our primary service is to coordinate 1-1 TOEFL tutoring.  We have a small team of extremely experienced and accomplished tutors who can work with you online via Skype or in-person (depending on your location).