Goal Setting

Now that you’ve decided to take TOEFL exam, the first step of preparation is to set a goal. You will be more motivated and study more effectively if you know exactly what you are working towards.

The computer-based TOEFL test, which is increasingly the most common form, has a maximum score of 120 points because each of its 4 sections have maximum scores of 30 points. Companies and universities will often set minimum overall scores as well as minimum section scores that they expect to see from applicants.

Therefore, when you are determining your TOEFL scoring goal, keep in mind that it will most likely have four specific parts to it. Often, it’s not okay to be great at reading and not very good at speaking- you have to be strong in all categories.

While each institution has its own minimum score, which you should look up on its web page, they often fall near 80. If you are planning to apply to American universities but have not decided exactly which, aim to reach a TOEFL score of 80, with a 20 in each section.

Once you set your goal and spend some time reviewing for the TOEFL on your own, you may want to take a practice test. When you see your practice test score, you will know whether your English level is already high enough, or whether you will need extra help to reach your goal.